Experience in Raising Fighting Chickens from A-Z for Every Cocker in 2024

Cockfighting is a long-standing traditional sport in Vietnam. To own firm, healthy chickens requires breeders with good experience and professional skills. Therefore, bongdaplusvn betting will bring useful knowledge about the art of animal husbandry to you guys.

A valuable element in raising fighting cocks

Below are the most important factors that drive results raising fighting chickens success that players should take note of.

Raising fighting chickens requires investing in a standard barn

The barn is where the chickens will live and exercise. Therefore, a cool place with little wind and shelter from sun and rain is a suitable place to build a barn. The spacious cage size suitable for the number of chickens is also a notable issue.

In process raising fighting chickens, you must regularly clean the cage to ensure that diseases do not attack them. It only takes one infected chicken to spread to the entire coop. Furthermore, water and food systems should be designed separately for ease of classification and cleanup.

Choose high quality fighting chicken breeds

Chicken breed is a prerequisite to determine whether the chicken has healthy legs, smooth feathers and flexibility or not. The characteristics of a good chicken breed are as follows:

  • You should choose from breeding facilities that are clearly reputable and free of deformities.
  • The appropriate age for breeding is 10-18 months.
  • Depending on the gender of the male or female, you should choose different advantages. Roosters need a large body, straight back, broad chest and long neck. Hens should choose ones with straight chest, slim belly, and slim body.

Absolutely reasonable nutrition

Besides the above factors, nutritional regimen raising fighting chickens also directly affects the physical strength of chickens. Building a scientific diet helps breeds develop faster and become healthier. Provides energy, protein, minerals, vitamins to improve resistance for chickens.

  • Main foods include cereals (rice, corn…), green vegetables, beans and seeds.
  • Need to add meat, fish, shrimp to get protein 2-3 times/week.
  • Eat on time and have enough nutrients, divide into many small meals a day.
  • Provide drinking water mixed with vitamins and minerals regularly.
  • Change the menu regularly to make it easier for chickens to absorb.
  • It is necessary to monitor the chicken so that it is not too hungry or too full.

The latest secret to raising healthy fighting chickens in 2024

Farmers need to update the latest useful knowledge about farming raising fighting chickens on the market. From there, make a plan to raise chickens to increase their fighting power and beautiful body. Combining many methods helps chickens develop comprehensively and brings enormous benefits.

Understanding each type of food for fighting chickens

Chicken food has a wide variety of choices. Farmers need to clearly understand and choose foods suitable for the chicken breed situation.
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  • Cereals: account for 50-70% of the diet including rice, paddy, corn, rice… are the main source of energy for chickens.
  • Green vegetables and fruits: provide vitamins and minerals, especially found in vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, bananas,…
  • Abundant sources of protein from animals such as meat, eggs, fish, shrimp… help chickens develop muscles and are recommended to be fed 2-3 times a week.
  • Drinking water: ensure clean water and add vitamins if necessary.
  • Finally, some complementary foods such as ginger, onions, honey… help stimulate the digestive system and improve resistance. Note that these types should be used for chickens over 6 months old.

Protect and vaccinate with vaccines when raising fighting chickens

One of those valuable experiences raising fighting chickens What cannot be overlooked is the prevention of chicken diseases. Fighting chickens often suffer from diseases such as hepatitis and enteritis and cross-spread them within the flock. Therefore, farmers need to pay attention to hygiene and disease prevention activities.

Normally, fighting chickens will be vaccinated against disease periodically. In particular, you should use sprays around the barn area to eliminate pathogens. Prevention is better than cure because the infection rate in a barn is very high.

Train your physical strength and fighting skills when raising fighting chickens

Most players raise chickens for competition purposes. To strengthen muscles and fighting ability, chickens must exercise regularly. Open fields are a reasonable place for chickens to exercise freely every day.

You should combine many different forms of exercise to quickly achieve results. Some popular types such as running, jumping, climbing, rock climbing,… are highly applicable. Exercises start slowly and gradually increase in level to limit injury to the chicken.


Surely you guys already know the secrets raising fighting chickens Valuable information shared by experts. Wishing you success in applying the methods and quickly bringing huge amounts of betting money back to your pocket.

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