How Much Does a Goose Cost?

Raised for their meat, geese are a famous bird in Europe. In the US, this meat bird is less prevalent. Because they are so attractive to the eye, many people enjoy watching this gorgeous bird fly around the lawn. Raising geese is a possible pastime or business opportunity.

These magnificent birds’ hidden charm causes people to wonder how much they are worth in money. Geese have a charm that invites us to investigate further, from their sweet honks to stylish moves. We explore the excellent field of bird economics in this piece to find the response to the perennial query: 

How Much Does a Goose Cost?

estimate an adult goose may cost anything from $40 to $90. This pricing does not apply to display quality birds. The cost to buy varies depending on the breed of geese. Let’s study this.

  • American Lavender, Blue –  Two stunning types of American geese are American lavender and American blue. The typical cost for American Lavender and American Blue is around $55, $85, and $100-$150 for utility breeder quality, show breeder quality, and display quality, respectively.
  • Embden White – The average price of this lovely type is $60, $95, and $125–$250 for utility breeder quality, show breeder quality, and display quality, respectively.
  • African Buff – African Buff geese, one of the most sought-after kinds, are slightly more expensive than other types; an adult female of the species typically costs $75. The typical price of a show breeder quality and show quality bird is between $100 and $125, respectively.
  • Mini Sebastopol –  The cost of this scaled-down Sebastopol, in utility breeder quality, is around $70. A show geese may cost more; show breeder grade should cost around $90, while show quality mini Sebastopols should cost between $125 and $250.
  • Toulouse Grey – Many geese lovers have a special place in their hearts for this well-known French breed of giant domestic goose. The cost to purchase utility breeder quality is $75. Show breeder quality costs between $100 and $125, while showing quality birds are about between $175 and $300.
  • Oregon Mini Geese –  The cost of this little breed of domestic geese, utility breeder quality, is around $60. Pay around $85 for show breeder quality birds. Aim for a display quality of between $100 and $250.

How Much Do Goslings Cost?

When the cost of an adult goose couple becomes too much for them, they choose to purchase goslings instead. They are less expensive both in terms of initial cost and ongoing maintenance. Try other birds; ducks and swans are less expensive.

Goslings often cost $7 to $30 or more, depending on their pedigree and overall health.

How Much Does Goose Egg Cost?

Since purchasing goose eggs is the most economical choice, many farmers prefer to do so. For only a few dollars, they may get a dozen eggs.  

Goose eggs range in price; some vendors charge $6 to $8 for a dozen. goose egg is worth $2 to many farmers. The rarity of the breed also affects price.

Upkeep Cost of Geese

When purchasing a pet, you should consider maintenance costs more carefully than the initial cost. Increasing costs quickly outweigh purchasing prices. When the costs get too high, many pet owners regret their choice. Fear not—maintenance costs for geese would be lower than those for other large animals.

Feeding Expense

The expense of feeding a flock of free-range geese would keep the bank intact. An adult geese costs around $22.94 per year to feed.

About $12.68 is needed for feed to rear goslings to 12 weeks of age.


Geese are content when there is a pasture to graze, buddies to visit, and room to move around. Geese often trace a path into adjacent fields, investigate their surroundings, and then return in groups to spend the night.

A fenced garden would be perfect for keeping them contained and stopping them from invading neighbouring houses. Building a small shelter to shield them from inclement weather would be essential.


Although geese don’t often become sick or need medical care, a trip to the vet would be essential if they contracted a viral illness or needed to be vaccinated. Allocate funds for yearly healthcare expenses.

Raising geese is simple and doesn’t need any effort on your part. Likewise, increasing the price of geese is insignificant.


It might be a lucrative pastime if you decide to make rearing geese your company. Purchasing goslings or geese eggs is one way to reduce purchasing prices in some ways. Raising geese is easy to care for, economical, and gratifying.

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