Columbian Rock Chicken Breed: Facts and Origin

Columbian Rock Chicken Breed stands tall and proud in the poultry world with its striking appearance and rich history. Originating from the United States in the early 20th century, this breed has captured the hearts of chicken enthusiasts with its unique coloring and gentle demeanor.

Columbian Rock Chicken Breed is one of the few chicken breeds that came to our mind then Columbian Rock is a forgiving chicken breed that mostly ends up being chosen.

The Columbian Rock chicken breed’s distinctive black-and-white plumage is reminiscent of a fine piece of nature-painted art. Its regal appearance adds charm to any flock and is a testament to years of careful breeding for aesthetics and utility.

Columbian Rock Chicken Breed

The Columbian Rock Chicken Breed, known for its striking appearance and lively personality, has recently gained popularity among poultry enthusiasts.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these chickens are also prized for their versatility as both egg layers and meat producers. Goose vs Geese: What is the Difference? Ghose is the plural form of Geese.

Official name and other familiar names

The official name of the Columbian Rock Chicken Breed is Gallus gallus domesticus. This chicken breed is called Columbia Rock, Columbian Wyandotte, or simply Columbian. 

One exciting aspect of the Columbian Rock Chicken Breed is its strong genetic lineage traced back to the popular Wyandotte breed.


The Columbian Rock Chicken Breeds is a stunning breed known for its striking appearance and distinctive features. This breed showcases an eye-catching pattern of black and white feathers, creating a visually appealing contrast that sets them apart from other chicken breeds.

Columbian Rock Chicken Breeds also have unique physical characteristics that stand out. They have a strong, muscular build with a broad chest and upright posture, exuding confidence and elegance.

The average Columbian Rock hen typically weighs around 6 to 7 pounds, whereas the roosters can exceed 8 pounds.

This substantial size makes them an excellent choice for those seeking meat production within their flock.


the Columbian Rock can reach up to 24 inches in height, making it a visually striking addition to any backyard flock. 

This height gives them a commanding presence in any flock and makes them an excellent choice for those looking to raise eye-catching birds.


Regarding temperament, the Columbian Rock chicken is a gentle and docile breed, making it a favorite among poultry enthusiasts. 

These birds are surprisingly friendly and easy to handle. They are known for their calm demeanor and make excellent pets, especially for families with children.


Columbian Rock chickens have gained popularity not only for their striking appearance but also for their versatility in the kitchen. Their tender and flavorful meat is highly sought by chefs and home cooks alike.

Columbian Rock chickens are also prized for their egg-laying abilities. These birds are known to be consistent layers of large brown eggs that are perfect for breakfast dishes or baking projects.

 The Columbian rock lays 305 to 315 eggs a year, and 1.8 to 3 pounds of meat can be fetched from this breed.


Regarding the cost of raising Columbian Rock chickens, Chicks can range from $3 to $5 per chick, depending on the breeder and quality. Setting up a proper coop or housing for these chickens can cost around $200 to $500, depending on the size and materials used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Columbian Rock a good layer?

Columbian Rock chickens are renowned for their exceptional laying abilities, making them popular among poultry keepers. These birds can lay up to 300 brown eggs per year, which is quite impressive compared to other breeds. 

What is a Columbian Rock Chicken?

The Columbian Rock chicken, also known as the Barred Plymouth Rock chicken, is a popular breed known for its striking black and white striped plumage.

What color eggs do Columbian Rock hens lay?

Columbian Rock hens are known for their beautiful and colorful eggs. These hens lay large brown eggs with speckles of various shades, ranging from light brown to almost black.

Are Columbian Rock chickens friendly?

Columbian Rock chickens are known for their friendly and docile nature, making them an excellent choice for backyard enthusiasts looking for a pleasant addition to their flock. These birds are typically gentle and enjoy human interaction, often becoming quite attached to their owners.

What does Columbian Rock look like?

Columbian Rock, or Columbianite, is a stunning natural stone from Colombia. Its distinctive appearance features a mesmerizing blend of colors and patterns, including deep blue, grey, and white hues swirled together in intricate formations.


In conclusion, the Columbian Rock hen is a remarkable breed with beauty, utility, and temperament. Their striking appearance and docile nature make them a favorite choice for backyard hobbyists and commercial poultry farmers.

Columbian Rock hen makes them an ideal choice for those seeking eggs and meat production from their flock. Their strong maternal instincts also make them excellent broody hens, which can benefit anyone looking to hatch chicks naturally.

Columbian Rock is a good layer and an excellent meat producer. It lays around 305 to 315 eggs, whereas 1.8 to 3 pounds of meat. Both male and female Columbian Rock remain below 70 cm.

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