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Trends: Innovative Techniques for Modern Flooring


Your floors play a huge role when it comes to building a house, since they determine the aesthetic and function of your home. Technology and architecture are advancing so quickly and new techniques in flooring are revolutionizing how easily we complete this core element of house building. Here we discuss some of the most contemporary styles that are changing the look of modern-day flooring.

The Future Of Sustainable Materials

Sustainability, in the context of house construction, is probably one of the hottest topics right now. Durable and visually appealing, these GREENGUARD -certified floors draw both from homeowners and builders looking for environmentally responsible material solutions. The use of bamboo, cork and reclaimed woods are on the rise thanks to the fact that they are renewable and each has its own interesting textures. Moreover, new manufacturing processes are producing stylish and eco-friendly recycled content tiles and planks.

The Design Statement of large-format tiles

Those tiny tiles days are gone and we are not bringing them with us! Tile sizes have been growing in large formats and are dominating within contemporary house building designs. These wide tiles give off a continuous appearance that reduces the number of grout lines and exaggerates the visual effect. Large-format tiles come in a wide range of materials; the most popular is porcelain, although ceramic, and also natural stone tiles are available.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) for Versatility and Affordability

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring has been a game changer for the building industry, and the most affordable and attractive option for conventional hardwood. LVP emulates the look of many types of wood with unbelievable accuracy and comes in a vast selection of colors and textures. It is also very durable, water repellant, and easy to clean, which makes it a perfect option for fast-paced households and water-related areas.

Radiant Heating Underfoot

Picture your feet hitting a heated floor on a cold morning when you get out of bed. In house building, the radiant heating systems that are embedded under provided flooring materials are growing rapidly in popularity. Consistent heat throughout the space, no cold spots and high comfort. Radiant heating, whether installed under tile, wood, or for concrete, provides today’s homeowner with a touch of luxury and energy efficiency.

Homes that Adapt thanks to Technologic Flooring

Home construction is readily using the Internet of Things (IoT) and flooring is no different. Smart flooring technology embeds sensors, connectivity options, etc., within the flooring material so as to monitor foot traffic patterns, light adjustments based on occupancy, and even fall detections. They provide safety, convenience and energy efficiency to modern homes.

Artistic Expression With Decorative Concrete

Gone are the days when we think of concrete as the material that only driveways and basements are made of. And it is making its way across a large number of interior spaces- floors now that are both versatile and an art. Staining, stamping or polishing the decorative concrete to replicate textures and patterns of anything from natural stone to complex mosaics. This innovative solution has paved the way for homeowners to expand on the possibilities in their dwellings by decking out their spaces with exclusive floor designs of their choice.


Sustainability, style and function of the space of ground in home construction is ever-changing and more modern. As technology advances, and design trends continue to shift, we can anticipate a renaissance of new flooring approaches to see in the future. When it comes to building a home from scratch or going for a complete renovation project, the one thing that will ensure it to be attractive and modern is the type of flooring you chose. Being up-to-date with the recent trends and some inventive ideas elevates the appearance of your place.

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