Rare Carat: The Best Diamond Online Store for Natural and Lab-Grown Diamonds

With the advancement in technology and different stores being created online it has become quite easy to find the perfect diamond. Of the mentioned ones, Rare Carat may be viewed as an impeccable platform for natural as well as man-made diamonds. Thus, Rare Carat is known as the best diamond online store due to its greater choice, affordable price, and clients-oriented strategies. In this article we are to figure out with reference to what factors, as a buyer, Rare Carat is an excellent choice for diamond shopping highlighting natural and lab-created diamonds.

A Comprehensive Selection of Diamonds

This is an upside of Rare Carat since it boasts of a large database of diamond it has in its possession. Rare Carat has stunning products both for the traditional natural diamonds and the new-age lab-created diamonds that can fulfill any demand in terms of style and price. Different diamond shapes are displayed in the stores they include round, princess, emerald and oval cut among others. Using these four Cs – cut, color, carat, and clarity, every diamond is extensively graded to fit the customer’s description and needs.

The Appeal of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds somehow have gained much attention in the recent past and this is why. Unfortunately, these diamonds are cultured in a technologically controlled facility, which mimics the natural conditions for making the diamonds. Therefore, lab-grown diamonds are characterized by the same look, feel, and even purity as natural diamonds.

The Unique selling proposition of Rare Carat is that it has a vast range of lab-created diamonds thus catering for the consumers that want to save environment and those who want to save on the money to be used to purchase natural diamonds. While lab-grown diamonds are cheaper ranging from 20-40 % cheaper than the natural diamonds of equal quality, they do not lessen on beauty or structure.

Quality and Transparency

Rare Carat endeavors get involved in a course to ensure it fulfills its duty of offering the highest quality diamonds that are natural or cultured. Every diamond is accompanied with grading report of the well established gemological laboratories like GIA or IGI. Kudos to these reports for detaching the judgment from the diamond’s characteristics hence providing the customers with real and reliable information.

In this case, transparency is also a major foundation of Rare Carat’s operations. In this web application there are complex search bars and it also has built-in tabular comparisons of diamonds side-by-side according to parameters. Also, there is a assurance from Rare Carat for price match, so that the consumer obtains the most bang for the bucks.

Exceptional Customer Service

As usual, Rare Carat provides the detailed management solutions for customers as follow: They arrange the purchase so that the client can speak directly with a gemologist if he or she has any questions. If you need assistance choosing the diamond, analyzing grading reports, or creating an engagement ring Tale a chance, Rare Carat’s specialists will help.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Rare Carat claims that it is ‘proud to present’ its assortment, which is free from rings associated with certain types of industries – environmental scandals and ethical violations. Kimberly process certification scheme is present in the company to guarantee that all its natural diamonds are conflict-free. It is the global system established to tackle issues of blood diamonds and ensure that there is proper dealing with diamonds.

If the client chooses sustainability, then Rare Carat has one of the largest collections of lab-grown diamonds to meet the client’s need. The production of laboratory grown diamonds has a considerably lower negative impact on the environment than the mining of natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are ideal for the green conscious consumers.


This makes Rare Carat the one and only best diamond online store immeasurably helpful in the diamond affair having natural and lab-created diamonds for sales, quality products, honesty, and outstanding customer support. In general, when it comes to looking for engagement rings, a unique jewelry product, or an ethically sourced diamond, Rare Carat is one of a kind and offers a very satisfactory shopping experience. Due to simplicity of the platform and effective assistance provided by the team, every client is empowered to choose their perfect diamond and that is why Rare Carat is a popular website for diamond buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rare Carat

1. What is Rare Carat?

Rare Carat is an internet platform that offers diamonds for sale; it offers only natural and newly created stones. It is also really popular due to the large numbers of listings, affordable prices, and the high level of openness to the customers.

2. What types of diamonds does Rare Carat offer?

Rare Carat sells all carats of both natural and lab-grown diamonds. Whether it is originating from different preferences or entirely different price ranges, their sizes and shapes vary. All the diamonds are assessed by four principal factors which include; carat, cut, colour and clarity.

3. What are lab-grown diamonds?

Laboratory diamonds focus on the diamonds that are cultured in the laboratories and not derived from the earth; the process of developing the given diamonds applies technology leading to growth of the diamonds in similar manner to how mother nature does it. Nonetheless, non gem certified synthetic diamonds are as physical, chemical and optically alike to natural diamonds as they can be produced for 20-40% lower.

4. How can I be sure of the quality of the diamonds on Rare Carat?

Each of the diamonds listed on Rare Carat is accompanied by a grading report from well known gemological laboratories, such as GIA or IGI. These two reports are impartial and contain the data about the characteristics of cut diamond.

5. What is the price match guarantee?

Thus, company Rare Carat unites a price guarantee that guarantee the buyers the best price for their diamond purchase. To ensure that customers get the best price, Rare Carat offers to match the price if you get a similar diamond at a cheaper price from any other diamond seller.

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