Pocket 5+ Unbeatable Over/Under Betting Formulas from Experts

Effective Over/Under betting formula helps you easily conquer the bets. This is also something that bettors care about and spread to each other. If you want to conquer this exciting entertainment, please refer to the following article of MB66.

Summary of the formula for playing Over/Under and always winning

Currently, there are many formulas for playing Tai Xiu spread on forums. If you are wondering, please refer to the top 7 strategies below.

1-1 betting formula

1 – 1 bridge is a very effective playing method and is applied by many people. Then the results of consecutive bets will be in the form of Over, Under, Over, Under, etc. Usually it will last from 5 to 10 consecutive bets. To apply, you just need to observe the results and quickly see the results. discovered the bridge.

A general note for bettors when predicting 1-1 is to bet heavily in the 4th and 5th betting stages. In the last sessions, bet lightly to avoid breaking the ball and losing all your money.

Bad bridge – Unbeaten formula

A platform bridge is a type of bridge that results in the gates returning alternately. For example: Over, Under, etc. They can run wild for 5 sessions or more. When you catch a flat ball, bet heavily on rounds 5 and 7. Then bet lightly until the ball runs out.

Praying 2 – 1 – 2 brings big rewards

The formula for playing Over/Under bridge 2 – 1 – 2 is more difficult to recognize than the above two types of bridge. They will usually come in pairs such as: Over x2, Under, Over x2, etc. So you need to take the time to research and observe carefully. Usually, people will bet when entering the 4th or 5th game.

The 2 – 2 prediction formula is quite simple

The 2 – 2 bet also appears quite often with the basic form of Over x 2, Under x 2. Usually it will appear in 2 to 4 consecutive pairs at the same time. To determine, you should consider 4 bets and based on that to predict the trend of the next turns.

Bridge 1 – 2 – 3 is chosen by many people

Bridge 1 – 2 – 3 is a formula that many bettors trust. Although the structure is quite complicated, the possibilities for winning are very large. With this bridge, it will have the following structure: Over, Under x 2, Over x 3. At that time, the bettor should wait for the cycle to enter the 4th game and then bet.

Formula for playing Over/Under bridge 3 – 1 – 3

The bet 3 – 1 – 3 is in the form of Over x 3, Under, Over x 3 or vice versa. When applying this Over/Under betting formula, put down money in the 4th session. If that game wins, then be aggressive in the next sessions. Normally it will run until the 10th betting round before stopping.

A few notes when applying the Over/Under betting formula

Besides remembering the formulas for playing Over/Under, people should keep in mind some tips below.

Choose a safe place to play Sic Bo

First thing, you need to choose a safe playground to deposit. Because in reality, there are many poor quality units that cause many people to encounter unfortunate risks. If people are wondering MB66 casino is a perfect suggestion.

This place has become a familiar destination for many players. Service quality, safety and legal operations. The playground provides a convenient payment system with many methods. At the same time, the dealer supports you in applying the formula for playing Tai Xiu in the most effective way.
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Make a plan to divide funds

If the plan uses capital effectively, members will have the opportunity to bring in attractive profits. Therefore, bettors should consider carefully and develop strategies to allocate budget effectively. If you are a rookie, you should split your capital to participate in more bets.

Stay calm in all situations

Psychology has a great influence on the important decisions of bettors. Therefore, members need to be calm and confident to avoid making unfortunate mistakes. Absolutely do not put too much emphasis on profit and loss, but must be in a comfortable mood every time you apply the Over/Under betting formula.

Clearly define your limits and stop at the right time

Clearly defining limits when betting is very necessary. This helps people clearly distinguish between entertainment and life and thereby play more responsibly. To preserve your capital, train yourself to be disciplined and follow the profit/error limits that have been set.

Above are the top effective formulas for playing Over/Under that have been accumulated by experts over a long period of time. Hopefully everyone can easily beat the bets to pocket attractive bonuses. Remember to follow MB66 and learn more tips from your predecessors!

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