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Bau Cua online is one of the popular folk games that is held most often during holidays. The game is making waves and is highly appreciated by many gamers. Many people think that this is a game of chance that is very difficult to win. That’s why today’s article New88 will guide you how to play the most accurate online Bau Cua game in 2024.

Introducing the attractive and interesting online crab game 

The game originated from China and gradually spread to Vietnam and became a popular game. In the Vietnamese betting market, Bau Cua is often held during Tet holidays and festivals… 

Bau Cua online More and more players are attracted to participate because of the simple gameplay with the opportunity to win big. Because, now instead of playing directly, the game is available at online bookmakers and receives the attention of many players. 

Whether online or offline, this game has quite similar rules. The player’s task is to predict the animal that will appear after the Dealer has finished shaking. The player who predicts correctly will receive a bonus double the amount he originally bet. If you predict wrongly, you will lose the initial bet amount. 

Details on how to play and rules of online Bau Cua from A – Z 

As long as you understand how to play and the rules of Bau Cua game, you will have the opportunity to win prizes immediately. Refer to the information below to learn how to participate and place bets: 

Rules for playing Bau Cua online game 

Participating players will have 20 seconds to place a bet. Players just need to choose the mascots that match the boxes on the screen. There are many different bet levels and betting options for players to freely choose from. 

When players want to adjust the amount or cancel a bet, it is also quite simple. Adjustment and cancellation keys will appear on the screen to help you easily operate. When the player is sure of that decision, press “confirm”. 

Bookie New88 opens the bowl and announces the results when the system has closed the bet. Players will have 3 more seconds to review the calculation results and prepare for the next bet. If you win, the house system will transfer money directly to the player’s account. Each round of online crab betting is usually completed in about 20 – 30 seconds. Players can bet consecutively and receive rewards quickly. 

Instructions on how to calculate rewards when participating in Bau Cua

When playing the game Bau Cua, the bonus calculation rule is probably of interest to many people because it also depends on the number of times the mascot appears. For example, if a player bets 30,000 VND and the bet appears once on the result, the reward is equal to that amount. Besides, if the player also bets 30,000 VND and the mascot appears twice, the reward will be doubled, 60,000 VND. 

So the larger the player bets, the higher the chance of receiving a large bonus and vice versa. In addition, the more times the mascot appears on the dice when announced, the greater profit the player will earn. 

Top effective tips for playing Bau Cua online, guaranteed to win 100% 

Playing Bau Cua online not only brings exciting moments of entertainment but also gives you the opportunity to win attractive rewards. To optimize your chances of winning, below are 3 effective tips for playing Bau Cua online that you should apply:

Understand the rules of playing Bau Cua online 

Before you start participating, you need to clearly understand the rules of Bau Cua. Each game table usually has 3 dice with 6 different sides, symbols include: gourd, crab, shrimp, fish, chicken, and deer. Players bet on the symbol they believe will appear on the dice. Understanding the rules of the game helps you make accurate decisions and avoid making unnecessary mistakes.
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Manage betting capital effectively 

Capital management is an important factor to help you play Bau Cua sustainably. Determine how much money you can use to play and divide it into several bets. This helps you avoid falling into a situation of losing everything when you encounter an unfortunate losing streak. Also, never bet all your money on a single play.

Play Bau Cua online using reasonable betting strategies

One of the effective betting strategies is to bet based on probability and observe the results of previous games. If you see a symbol appear multiple times in a row, you may consider betting on that symbol in the next round. However, don’t rely too much on luck, always have a clear strategy and don’t bet based on emotion.


Above is the news when playing Bau Cua online at New88 bookmaker to receive huge bonuses that we want to share with everyone. Hopefully with the information our bookmakers share, bettors will have the most accurate methods of predicting crabs.

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