Florida Contractor Continuing Education Courses

As a licensed contractor in Florida, it is essential to renew your license. To this, you need to understand the state requirements for continuing education for successful renewal process. This article will outline the various course options available to fulfill these requirements and ensure you maintain your credential in an easy and approved manner.

Overview of Requirements

You need to renew your license in every two years. The specific requirements depend on the type of license held by the contractor. For most license types, 14 hours of Florida contractor continuing education are required as part of the renewal process. Contractors with licenses in Miami-Dade County have additional requirements totaling 16 hours of education. Courses must be approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

State Requirements

The standard 14 hour continuing education requirement set by the state of Florida consists of the following topics:
– 8 hours of General Topics such as energy efficiency, project management, and lead awareness.

– 1 hour of Advanced Modules focusing on recent updates to the Florida Building Code.

– 1 hour each of Workplace Safety, Business Practices, Laws and Rules, Workers’ Compensation, and Wind Mitigation.

RocketCert offers a full 14 hour continuing education course that meets all of these state requirements. Courses are available online for flexibility and can be completed at the learner’s own pace. Instant certificates of completion are provided upon finishing each course.

Miami-Dade County Additional Requirements

For contractors licensed in Miami-Dade County, two additional hours of content are mandated. RocketCert’s 16 hour Miami-Dade approved course includes:

– All of the standard 14 hour state topics

– 1 hour on Chapter 10 of the Miami-Dade County Code

– 1 hour covering Florida Statute 713 on Construction Liens

This ensures contractors in Miami-Dade can satisfy both the state and county continuing education obligations in one online program.

Flexible Online Learning with RocketCert

RocketCert provides a user-friendly online learning platform for contractors to complete their required continuing education. Courses are accessible anywhere via any internet-connected device, allowing learners to learn on their own schedule. Content is expertly written and fully narrated for an engaging experience.

Customers receive a certificate of completion instantly upon finishing a course. RocketCert also notifies the state each business day of contractors who have recently fulfilled their educational renewals through the platform. These features together help make the license renewal process as simple as possible for busy contractors.

With reasonable pricing and lifetime access to courses, RocketCert is a top choice for Florida contractors seeking convenient, board-approved continuing education. Contractors can be confident they are satisfying renewal requirements and staying informed on important updates to practice.

Get Started Today!

Enroll in RocketCert’s Florida contractor continuing education courses and stay up-to-date on Florida contractor license renewal requirements. With our flexible online learning platform, expert content, and instant certificates of completion, meeting your educational obligations has never been easier. Keep your skills sharp and stay on top of important industry changes with RocketCert’s convenient and comprehensive courses. So don’t wait, enroll today and continue to be successful in your contracting career.


Continuing education is mandatory for Florida contractors to maintain their licenses in good standing. RocketCert offers a comprehensive solution for completing both state and Miami-Dade required courses entirely online. With high quality, engaging content and user-friendly certification management, RocketCert streamlines the renewal process. Contractors can prioritize their education while maintaining convenience and compliance using this leading education platform.

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