Exploring AI’s Role in Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, known as guerilla marketing, has existed for a decade. Now, 3D surrealist digital campaigns are getting popular around the world. World top luxury brands are using new innovative marketing visuals for OOH advertising. It is an advertisement outside of a home, at a bus stop, at a train station, at an airport, and in open spaces. Artificial intelligence has contributed to the effectiveness of out-of-home advertising. According to statistics, outdoor advertising is expected to grow from $28.2 billion in 2022 to $39.2 billion by 2030.

One example of generative AI’s recent use in out-of-home advertising is fast food. McDonald’s and Burger King used ChatGPT to write billboards. They asked generative AI about insights and then asked them to write billboard content. Similarly, people use Adobe Firefly to generate high-quality photos for out-of-home advertisements. Gaining attention is a challenging task for any business. It requires effort and up-to-date technology. So, how does AI help in digital out-of-home advertising?

Content Creation for Out of home advertising

Generative AI can create content for digital out-of-home advertising. Using text-based AI tools, OOH markets can generate catchy titles and descriptions. Words are very important in creating an advertisement for outdoor billboards. They get the reader’s attention. With few text prompts, generative AI can create short and long headlines that resonate with the audience. It can generate professional, casual, funny, and any text tone for advertisements.

Visuals are essential elements of out-of-home advertisements. AI applications can generate appealing visuals for digital billboards. They can understand consumer behavior and develop content according to their preferences. These visuals are incredibly creative and attract people at first glance. Brands are getting way more creative with digital billboard advertising. They are adding animations, and it seems natural. AI-generated animations are getting the attention of the users.

Artificial intelligence is better at color schemes, formats, styles, and themes. AI transfer style from brand images and creates variations of the same design. Additionally, AI saves time in creating content.

Video Creation for Out of home advertising

Video works well for all types of advertisements. Generative AI is good at creating engaging video content. It can generate information and edit the content of the video. People find videos more appealing and engaging. They prefer video content over any other. Brands can use AI to create videos for out-of-home advertising. It can add creative ways and open opportunities for advertising. Videos present more complex information with simple visuals. Storytelling through videos presents new ways to connect with the audience.

Real-time optimization

Artificial intelligence technology can process real-time data to optimize Out-Of-Home campaigns. This allows businesses to place relevant advertisements. This helps maximize the persuasion of their outdoor advertising.

Methods of data processing

By studying past campaign data and market trends, generative AI can recommend maximum areas and timing of ad schedules for OOH campaigns. It helps marketing teams pinpoint the most effective places. Also, the format, or offer, to use ad budget effectively to maximize ROI.

Audience Research

Artificial intelligence can examine various data types, including social media, demographics, and local consumer behavior. The research provides businesses with valuable insights.  As a result, marketing teams can create highly targeted OOH campaigns with innovative content that resonates with a specific population segment.

Predict analytics

AI can make future predictions by analyzing large amounts of data. It can quickly analyze data to get insights into consumer behavior. The tools get information regarding consumer preferences. They go through social media, search engines, and other forms of data to understand how consumers react to certain types of advertisements. Predicting analytics helps focus on the content that attracts more audiences. Predicting analytics helps develop future marketing strategies based on real-world data.

Artificial intelligence is making a difference in digital out-of-home advertising. People see more creative advertisements at the bus stop and outside their homes. Powerful words with innovative displays are getting the attention of the audience. Airports are filled with unique advertisements. Brands are embracing generative AI and adopting it quickly for ads. Moreover, advertising agencies focus on generative AI tools to offer new ideas.

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