Customizing Your Air Jack for Specific Projects

An air jack is a versatile tool for lifting heavy and unconventionally shaped loads. You can use additional parts and accessories to customize the jack for specific functions. Here are some air jack customizations to use for particular projects:

Air Actuated Bottle Jack

An air actuated bottle jack raises loads using a compact, powerful air turbo motor. It delivers effortless air operation, reducing operator fatigue during garage work. A built-in bypass device protects its hydraulic system from over-pumping damage. Its design allows users to easily remove the air hose from the air motor, reducing the risk of user injury and equipment damage. This tool provides enough power to lift heavy-duty machinery, farm vehicles, and construction equipment. If you add too much weight to the jack, its safety overload valve activates and automatically lowers the load.

Double-Bag Air Jack

Airbag jacks use inflatable cushions to lift heavy objects and require an air compressor to inflate. A double-bag air jack is portable and has an internal stabilizing cylinder to keep your raised equipment at a specific height and angle. This tool also features a balanced handle that makes it easy for users to position the jack during usage. The jack’s frame is made of high-strength, powder-coated steel with a rubber seal and pad to reduce the impact of the load. The airbags are scratch-resistant and tightly sealed to confirm they won’t leak during use. A double-bag jack is ideal for lifting a single wheel in soft terrain like sand or mud.

Air Bag Rolling Jack

Rolling jacks are used for in-ground and above-ground lifts. They have heavy-duty construction that withstands harsh environments and conditions. These jacks are made of high-grade steel and other quality components that promote durability. They have grease fittings that facilitate lubricant services and streamline jack maintenance. An air back rolling jack is a functional addition to Challenger, Hoffman, and Rotary automotive lifts.

Air Hydraulic Service Jack

Air hydraulic service jacks are a type of lifting equipment primarily used for heavy-duty tires. These devices have sturdy bases and cylinders to prevent hydraulic fluid leaks and improve the jack’s strength. The ram and pump pistons are chrome-plated to prevent rusting and extend the tool’s lifespan. You can use an air hydraulic service jack on farm equipment, buses, or commercial trucks.

Hydraulic or Air Floor Jack

Hydraulic floor jacks have long pump handles that facilitate quick operations. They are constructed with dust seals to prevent hydraulic contamination and premature tool failure. Overload and safety bypass systems prevent the hydraulic jack from exceeding its load limit. Air pump models support manual operations while maintaining ease of operation. When you pump the “T” handle, the fast jack feature raises the lifting saddle. A hydraulic or air pump floor jack is ideal for farm equipment dealers and truck fleet companies who repair multiple vehicles on tight schedules.

Air Hydraulic Jack

Air hydraulic jacks are practical and effective for lifting heavy vehicles. Their pistons move back through an automated mechanism, and they have two descent valves that control the speed while under the load. Pneumatic trails can be fitted to the jack for use in difficult terrain. A roll-over protection plate is fitted to enhance user safety during operation. These heavy-duty jacks are ideal for projects related to public works and agricultural vehicles.

Axle Jack Air Return

The air return axle jack runs on heavy-duty wheels suitable for all terrains. Its air return meters the load down to increase the safety of operators. Some air return jacks handle loads up to a maximum weight of 22 tons. They efficiently handle trucking equipment and aircraft landing gear for repairs and routine maintenance.

Find an Air Jack That Meets Your Needs

Air jacks help repair technicians across various industries lift heavy machinery safely. Different types of air jacks perform specialized tasks, so look for a tool that matches your project’s needs. Contact a reputable heavy-duty tool company today to learn more about their supply of air jacks.

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