A Traveler’s Guide to la Crosse, Wisconsin: Where To Stay, Eat, and Play


With its charming riverfront scenery and a downtown brimming with history, La Crosse, Wisconsin, is a destination that captivates travelers with its Midwestern charm and surprising array of activities. Whether seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply a relaxing getaway, visitors will find La Crosse to be a delightful stop. From the grand bluffs to the mighty Mississippi, there’s something here for everyone. Keep reading to discover the finest places to stay, eat, and enjoy the vibrancy of this riverside city.

Exploring La Crosse Accommodation Options: From Cozy B&Bs to Waterfront Hotels

Seeking a cozy home-away-from-home experience in La Crosse? The city’s array of bed and breakfasts offer the warmth and personalized touch that travelers cherish. With heirloom furnishings and home-cooked breakfasts, these intimate accommodations are perfect for a romantic getaway or a serene retreat.

For those desiring modern amenities and stunning views of the Mississippi River, a host of waterfront hotels provide luxury and convenience. These establishments cater to a variety of preferences, ensuring a comfortable stay whether you’re in town for business or pleasure. In fact, hotels La Crosse often feature meeting spaces, fitness centers, and indoor pools.

Travelers on a budget will appreciate the city’s range of motels and inns, which do not skimp on comfort despite their affordability. Here, guests can enjoy clean, simple rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities for a restful night’s sleep after a day of exploration.

Discovering La Crosse’s Culinary Scene: A Taste of Local Flavors and Fine Dining

La Crosse’s food scene is a delightful fusion of local produce, international cuisine, and classic American comfort food. Farm-to-table restaurants dot the city, showcasing the rich bounty of Wisconsin’s farmlands through delectable dishes and creative culinary techniques.

The city is also home to several upscale dining establishments where exquisite plates are paired with fine wines and elegant atmospheres. For special occasions or simply to savor the pinnacle of La Crosse dining, these venues will not disappoint with their gastronomic offerings.

Lovers of international flavors will find a surprising diversity in La Crosse, from authentic Mexican eateries and Asian bistros to European-inspired cafes. Each restaurant brings its own unique twist to the table, making every meal an adventure in itself.

For those with a sweet tooth, the city’s bakeries and ice cream parlors serve up a delightful array of pastries, desserts, and hand-crafted frozen treats. Indulging in a scoop of locally made ice cream or a freshly baked pastry is the perfect way to complement a day spent wandering the city’s streets.

La Crosse Nightlife: Best Spots for Live Music, Craft Brews, and Evening Fun

As the sun sets in La Crosse, the city’s nightlife begins to pulse with energy. Live music venues feature performances ranging from local bands to national touring acts, offering tunes for every preference whether it’s jazz, rock, or indie.

The burgeoning craft beer scene in La Crosse is another highlight for nocturnal explorers. Brewpubs and taprooms serve up a variety of handcrafted ales and lagers, many of which are brewed locally, providing a taste of the region’s innovative brewing culture.

For those seeking a more laid-back evening, an array of cozy wine bars and lounges offer the perfect setting to unwind. Whether looking for a sophisticated atmosphere or a round of creative cocktails, there’s a spot that caters to every mood.

The city’s theaters and cinemas, including the historic Rivoli Theatre & Pizzeria, provide entertainment options for those looking for a night out at the movies or an evening enjoying the performing arts. Nightlife in La Crosse caters to a multitude of experiences, each memorable in its own way.

Altogether, La Crosse, Wisconsin provides a destination rich with experiences for every traveler. From its picturesque landscapes and heartfelt cuisine to its vibrant culture and lively events, each visit promises a blend of relaxation and excitement in the heart of the Midwest.

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