5+ Traditional Ukrainian Foods You Must Try

When people hear about traditional Ukrainian food, they can always picture the tasty and filling feeling in their minds. This picture of feeling can represent the country, sometimes the history, and even the tales of Ukraine. To all the lovers of Ukrainian cuisine, here are the five best meals that can give your taste buds a real treat right away!

1. Borscht

Known for its vibrant color – red and the uniquely rich and layered flavor, Borscht is recognized as the most iconic Ukrainian dish. The most special thing about Borscht is the soup, a mix of beets, beans, and pork. Red beets are the star ingredient of the soup as it gives Borscht the signature color red and also the elegant taste with the slightly sweet flavor.

One of the most famous restaurants that serves Borscht is Veselka, which has several types of Ukrainian types of Borscht. You can offer red borscht, white borscht, and even a vegan version. Each cuisine has special ingredients, bringing different taste experiences about traditional Ukrainian food practices. The Borscht soup can be served with Pumpernickel or rye bread, garlic toast, meat, salads, dairy, pickled foods, pierogi, grains,…, giving you the unforgettable experience of this delicious and unique dish.

2. Varenyky (Pierogi)

Varenyky, also known as Pierogi, are the beloved food in the heart of the Ukrainian people. It is a type of Ukrainian dumpling that has a variety of fillings. These delightful pockets of dough can be stuffed with potatoes, cheese, meat, or even fruit, making them a versatile dish suitable for any palate. Traditionally, Varenyky is boiled and then lightly pan-fried, which helps the dish achieve a crispy cover but still keeps the inside tender and flavorful.

If you want to experience authentic Varenyky, Veselka can satisfy you with several delicious options in the restaurant, or else, you can even order pierogies online to enjoy these special Varenyky at home comfortably. The pockets of dough in Varenyky are often served with potatoes or fruit. You can choose your preference to enjoy the best meal!

3. Potato Pancakes

Latkes, which are also known as potato pancakes, are easy to make, yet they are incredibly delicious. These are based on potatoes formed like pancakes, then fried to a crisp outside while the interior is still soft. Most commonly, to enjoy a potato pancake, borscht, pierogi, paprikash, beef stroganoff, chicken noodle soup, Matzoh balls, mushroom gravy, or non-alcoholic beverages are usually served in Ukrainian homes.

These crispy golden pancakes can be taken as any snack, appetizer, or side order. Due to the simplicity of their preparation and the outstanding delicious taste they bring, they are preferred by many children and adults. The potato pancakes are prepared to deliver perfection with a satisfying crunch and tenderness with each bite.

4. Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is one of many comfort dishes that have penetrated and become a favorite dish in many homes. This piece of Ukrainian adaptation utilizes slow-simmered sliced beef with the help of a delicious mushroom cream sauce. The soft and juicy beef is well complemented by the blend of dark-colored mushrooms and a creamy sauce, making it a special meal.

Originally, Beef Stroganoff was eaten with egg noodles, but it can be paired with other types of pasta, rice, or mashed potatoes. Strip steak is complemented with button mushrooms and a combination of spices that help to create the dish. This dish is for anybody who wants to have a full experience of traditional Ukrainian food.

5. Chicken Paprikash

Chicken Paprikash is a dish characterized by tender chicken and a delicious, spicy sauce. This traditional Ukrainian food is made with chicken without bones, red peppers, and a paprika-based herb-cream sauce. The end product is a warm dish that is moist and half-sweet enriched by the paprika.

Best to be used during dinner, Chicken Paprikash may be accompanied by bread or served with noodles. Being a comfort food, the creamy sauce incorporated with the soft chicken makes it perfect to provide warmth to the stomach.

6. Veal Goulash

Veal Goulash is a rich and dense stew that originally came from an area of Central Europe; however, Ukrainians also prepare it. Packed with cream and fresh herbs, this dish involves the slow braise of tender veal, giving it a luxuriously smooth texture. Spices and herbs used in Veal Goulash enhance the dish when taken.

Veal Goulash should be served with potatoes. The slow-cooked veal is very tender and juicy, helping diners capture the taste of the sauce well. At some reliable and famous restaurants such as Veselka, the goulash is prepared based on the respective recipes; therefore, the customers would get the most genuine taste.

To Conclude

Exploring traditional food is also a journey! By experiencing different traditional Ukrainian food, you can enjoy the rich flavors and the love of Ukrainian people in each dish. These 5+ must-try foods will help you understand more about the culinary heritage of Ukraine and satisfy even the strictest culinary aficionado!

For people who are looking for the authentic taste of Ukrainian cuisine with high-quality services, try Veselka! This restaurant offers a wide range of traditional dishes with vibrant and authentic flavors of Ukraine. From signature food like hot Borscht soup to pierogies NYC, Veselka can treat you well offline and online! Visit Veselka in NYC now and choose the traditional Ukrainian food that you want to try to get the best meal in Veselka restaurant or even in your comfortable home.

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